Surveying and Valuation Services

Building Survey

The Building Survey used to be known as the Structural Survey.

This is a highly detailed report concerning the construction of the building and any visible defects. The report will itemize work that needs to be done, the time scales in which it is required and give guidance on what specifically needs to be carried out. Some advice on on-going maintenance is also given.

The Building Survey normally deals solely with the physical condition of the building but a Market Valuation can be carried out as a separate part of the job for an additional fee.

RICS Homebuyers Survey & Valuation

The Home Buyer's Survey is an economy report which is set in the context of the age and type of building and it will give you factual information concerning the construction. The report deals with significant defects and urgent wants of repair but a combination of minor items of disrepair which in the Surveyors view would affect value may be referred to.

This report also includes a re-instatement estimate, which is useful when you come to insure the property.

Most clients instructing this report do so for peace of mind knowing that the building has been fully inspected and that the main points have been reported. The report is designed for property and to simpler older style houses including for instance Victorian terraced or smaller semi-detached houses but is far less comprehensive than the building survey.

Market Valuation

A Market Valuation provides an opinion of the price a property might achieve if it was to be offered on the open market under normal sale conditions. A valuation can be for a number of purposes such as relocation, a range of family reasons and loan security, amongst others.

The does not specifically deal with the condition of a property and the inspection is not comprehensive. These reports, which also include mortgage valuations, should not be regarded as an alternative or substitute for a Survey report.

Some matters, such as the purpose of the task, have to discussed and agreed with the valuer before the inspection is carried out.

Reinstatement Cost

Reinstatement cost for insurance - This is included in the Homebuyers survey report and valuation but not in other reports.

It may be provided as a separate document or as an addition to the Building Survey. It is an assessment of what it would cost to reconstruct the building in its current form in the event for instance of a total loss subsequent to fire or storm.

Specialist investigation

This work is often recommended as a result of a previous inspection, perhaps for a mortgage valuation, or where the client, an existing owner, is concerned that a defect is developing in a property. A detailed report may be required concerning movement to the building, cracking in the masonry surfaces or inside the building, timber decay.

Where further investigation of the electrical circuitry, the heating system or other services is recommended we can help you contact qualified tradesmen who can help.


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